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The New Open Graph

Facebook’s introduction of the new Open Graph in September did more than just expand the range of Gestures available to app developers. The new platform is also different in three major ways compared to the old Open Graph, including: Read the rest of this entry


Finding Exactly Where You Are

Most people are familiar with Google Maps. You type in an address, and you are given a map that shows you the exact location of your query. Part of the process that goes on behind the scenes is geocoding, which takes a physical address and maps it to a set of longitude and latitude coordinates. Read the rest of this entry

What is “the Cloud”

Wikipedia has a great page on “Cloud Computing” which is what a lot of – but not all – people mean when they say “the Cloud”. Here’s a short quote that explains where the term actually came from, when it really meant something. Read the rest of this entry

PHP in the Cloud – New Options for Application Hosting

PHP developers today have a few tried and true ways to publish their applications: shared hosting, virtual private servers or dedicated servers. Each of these options bring a variety of trade-offs, such as price, reliability, ease of use, level of control and amount of expertise required. Read the rest of this entry

Microsoft celebrates IE6 death as Google downranks Chrome

Microsoft has celebrated the imminent demise of version 6 of its Internet Explorer browser by baking a cake.

The software giant held the light-hearted celebration as it revealed that the program was used by less than 1% of US internet surfers. Read the rest of this entry